today I decided to take Mom and go to the Mall. It’s the first time we have been out shopping since the pandemic started. It was so nice to do something normal again. It was different this time. Usually when I go shopping I get so frustrated and disappointed that I end up putting everything back on the rack. I feel that nothing looks good on me.

I told myself “Who the F**k cares! Buy what feels comfortable.” And that is what I did. Sure I had to buy a bigger size. I don’t care. IT WAS COMFORTABLE!  Don’t know why I have to wear tight clothes. Just so I can look like a sausage? Screw that! At my age who the hell is looking at me?!  As long as my clothes are clean and fit to my body, THAT is what matters.

Food intake has been minimal today. Still have my cheerios this morning! And a slice of homemade low carb bread with butter and jam. That’s right! JAM. And it was goooood. I wasn’t hungry at lunch so I had a Quest protein bar. Dinner? Hmmm havent decided what it will be. I’m kinda craving Bacon and eggs.

Oh yeah, I did spoil myself a bit. Bought some gold hoop earrings.

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