Tweaking Acne!

I am tweaking my blog. Adding and testing some stuff. So you might see some changes. It’s been a long time sinceĀ  build a blog. My last one was done so long ago that now everything has changed on how to build one. I had to go look up what “shortcode” meant. Yeah, I didn’t know either!

Anyways, Something I have noticed since I changed my eating habits. My skin is breaking out! I look like a pubescent teenager. I think I know what is causing it. Most likely it’s from the milk. Too much dairy will do that to me. If it’s not that, then I don’t know. I had a fudge ice cream bar last night. It didn’t taste all that great. I do like Chapman’s ice cream but these were blah. Good thing there are none left in the box. Hubby ate them all! LOL

Dinner was a bowl of Ramen noodles with fried shrooms and snap peas added. Yum. I used to eat a lot of nuts and dark chocolate as my evening snack. I had some last night and I really didn’t enjoy it. Is that because I’m not on keto? The foods I was eating on keto are now foods that I don’t crave. I still enjoy dark chocolate but I don’t eat it daily anymore. Just little things that I am noticing.

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