Pig Out

I am thinking I might be done with pigging out on food. I think! Not saying I’m sure about it. I am feeling more satisfied with food but my portions are still a bit large. I have figured out a few more foods that my body doesn’t like. Wine being one of them. My anxiety goes up when I drink wine. It makes me heart pound and I feel guilt for drinking it. Yeah I know it’s silly but that is how I feel.

I think I need to make a Yes and No food list. That way I can track what foods I should stay away from and what foods I enjoy.

It’s Father’s Day. My dad died in 2008. I miss him. It’s also my youngest son’s birthday today. I don’t get to see either one of them. My son lives too far away to visit. We can at least talk on the phone.

We are having a mini heatwave this week. 32c this afternoon. Lovely weather.

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