Wow. The last 2 days have been horrible. My IBS has flared up. I found out that I can not eat microwave popcorn. After about 40 mins of finishing it, I started to have pain. I was up all night. There was a point that I really considered going to the ER.

Now I am eating very bland foods. Still have pain, but it is getting better. Lots of water, peppermint tea and I was able to have some coffee. My dinner was grilled chicken and some white rice. Yes I know white rice is not the healthiest but because of IBS I can’t eat any type of brown rice. AND who cares! I love white rice.

We are having a major heat wave coming through this weekend. Will be getting up to 40c. that is hot for this time of year and about average for this area. So glad I have an AC unit to keep me cool. I had heat stroke many years ago and ever since then I cant handle anything about 33c. It causes a lot of my health issues to flare up.

Hubby is out buying ice cream. LOL.. I want to try a non dairy, lactose free ice cream. Will see what he comes back with for me.



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