This is a tough one for me. I want to exercise but I really don’t enjoy doing it. I never get excited about any of it. I see it as a chore, like cleaning a toilet. Nobody wants to do it, but it needs to be done.

I saw a segment on the News the other day. They were talking about roller skating, its making a comeback. I instantly perked up to listen. My heart fluttered and I felt joy. My first thought “I want to roller skate!” I loved doing it as a kid and right through to my 20’s. Yes it has been a long time. I even bought some new ones about 10 years ago. Sadly I have never used them. I told hubby let’s do it! His answer “I need inline blades and we will have to start slow.” Ok! Not a problem! I know what that means, it won’t happen. Dreams of being a roller queen shattered. Oh well, such is life.

Maybe I can find a group in my area that roller skate? I could place an ad “looking for roller skate buddy”. LoL 🤣 probably be a bunch of guys looking to get laid that answer it.


New Week

I have gained 3 more pounds. My fault. I indulged a bit more over the weekend. Had beer 🍻 and pizza 🍕, French fries 🍟,jelly beans and lots of fruit. Was it a good idea? I thought so at the time.

I think it is time to start watching my portions. And I need to eat more veggies. I have noticed that I am not craving things that I ate while on keto. Like beef, chocolate, nuts, eggs and bacon. I find this a bit strange. They are all foods I love. What has changed? Not sure, but will figure it out. I’m doing this intuitive eating without any help. Just Google helping me. I can’t afford to pay for a couch or books. I dont have the money. So I am winging it! Wooohooo! Lots of reading on free sites, means I have to figure out what is good advice and what is not. No worries, I am smart, I’ll figure it out.

No plans this week. Need to do a trip to Costco. Saturday is my granddaughters 3rd birthday. Will be so good to see her. Other than that, I am just my life to the fullest. Watching tv, crocheting and eating whatever I want.




So far – update

It’s been just over a month that I have giving up dieting. What has changed? Well, I am happier, relaxed and not so stressed about food. It’s been freeing. The first couple weeks I had to learn to stop reading the nutritional stats. That was tough. I was so used to looking at them no matter what it was and if there were no stats, I didn’t buy it. Now I only read ingredients, just to make sure there is no wheat flour.

My mom is worried I am going to gain lots of weight. I told her it’s ok if I gain a bit, but I won’t let myself gain too much. From when I started this, up until today I have only gained 3 lbs. Really not a big deal. Clothes are a bit tighter.

My digestive system has adjusted too. I can poop! LOL Before, when doing keto it was a chore. Hard small poops that caused pain and hemorrhoids. I thought it was because of my IBS. I was wrong! Change to eating everything and now I poop like a normal person. And the hemorrhoids are not screaming at me. Yes, they screamed at me. Seriously, it’s a “relief” to go to the bathroom and empty out and feel great. Been years since I felt good after a shit.

One side effect, my face looks like a greasy pizza. I don’t know what is going on! So much oil and pimples. It’s like I’m in my teens again. Not happy with it. I’m hoping it will clear up soon. Not going to stress about it. I know it’s part of the changes my body is going through.

I am taking regular vitamins. Some are for menopause. Damn hot flashes. Been 2 weeks since I had one. think that the Evening Primrose and Maca root are helping for that. The others are for various reason. I’ll do a separate post about the supplements I take.

Anything else… I just feel better, all over. 🙂

Beer and Hotdogs

Saturday dinner was hotdogs. I haven’t had a hotdog in ages. I gobbled up 2 dogs and the buns! Had fries on the side. Plus 2 beers throughout the day. I didn’t feel guilty for any of it. But later in the evening I sure was bloated. Didn’t have IBS pain but my tummy felt like I had swallowed a beach ball. I think I just had too much. Next time one beer, one dog and a few fries.

Sunday we had chili. Yummy! Today has been good. I’m trying to get control of my portion size. I know I am pigging out. I need to cut back or I really will gain a lot of weight. Something I don’t want to have happen. I keep telling myself that it’s ok to eat what you want, but now you need to slow down and think before you shovel it down. Not easy to do after eating everything for the past month.

I’m a work in progress. I will get there. Positive vibes!


I decided to go through some of my clothes. at least 50% are too small. Not sure what to do with them. I keep thinking I will fit into them again once I lose 15 lbs. I will get there. When my body and mind connect and want to do it. For now I am putting them in storage. I’m not ready to part with them.

I guess I will have to get some clothes that fit. I need undies.. LOL

Don’t know if you noticed lately about sizes? Back in the 80’s the sizes were so different. I was a size 32 inch waist or a size 13. Yeah, like what is that? Now it’s suppose to be a size 12. If that is true then a size 8 shouldn’t fit me. I even have a size 6 jeans! Mostly I wear a 10. But when I measure my waist it’s a 34 inches around at the belly button. That would be a size 14.

I think what the difference is, is that jeans are now made with so much stretch you have to buy a smaller size. I tried to find 100% cotton denim jeans. Let me tell you that it wasn’t easy. I didn’t want heavy work jeans. Thin denim ends up being dress trousers. Not what I was looking for. I decided to look for Lee Riders, I loved those back in the old days. I found some! They have 5% spandex added to them. It was the closest I could find to 100% denim.  They are comfy, a bit heavy and I had to adjust the back waistline. Had a big gap. What size? 10. and they were a bit big. Now that I am not dieting, they fit perfectly….LOL

It’s the same with Bras.  I am size 36C, ha! not anymore! I just went up to a 38B. So nice when a bra fits. Next it’s undies. need a bigger size. My issues with panties is the cut. I never know what to get. I don’t like granny panties, way too high. Boyshorts end up riding my ass cheeks and I am forever picking at them, same goes for thongs and high cut. I end up with bikini style. But even those are not great. Maybe I need to go get fitted at a lingerie shop?

Anyways, I’m still working on it!


Popcorn Again

Hubs and I have been watching Big Brother since it started It’s something we started when we first dated. Same with Survivor. Anyways, We always make that popcorn night. THe last few years we watch the show and eat keto snacks. The new season of Big Brother started last night. We decided on popcorn. I was a bit iffy on having it after what happened last time.

I got the air popper out and made some. Added some salt and a bit of butter. I enjoyed it. I did have some bloating, otherwise I was good. I think I can safely say that air popped is the only way I can eat popcorn. Good, because I love popcorn.

I did have a few wine gums too. They were not as tasty as I had remembered. Maybe I need to buy a different brand? I also had some gluten free pretzels a few days ago. Oh my! How I have missed pretzels! Love the crunch and the salt. I went with gluten free because I wasn’t willing to have all that wheat flour. It’s a trigger for IBS.

I have noticed that my mood is better. I’m happier.

My Diet History

I went on my first diet when I was 13. I did it because the kids at school made fun of me. Saying I was fat. I was not fat, I was fully developed. I was 5’7, 130 lbs and a size 36C. I was perfect. I just didn’t see it. I worked hard to lose the weight. I lost 15 lbs. Grade 8 and I looked fantastic. Suck it! all you skinny flat chested bitches!

Nothing had changed. Well almost nothing. Instead of being told I was fat, I was now a slut. The girls called me a slut because my body was hot and the boys all loved it. I had done nothing to deserve the title of “slut” After 6 months I said “fuckit, I am gonna own it.” And I did. I tease the boys and made sure that the girls felt like shit and I was stealing their men. Mind you, doing this came with a lot of down sides.

Anyways, that was the start of my long path of diets. I can only remember a few times that I wasn’t on a diet. When I was pregnant, both times I ate whatever I wanted.  On vacations, And when I finally thought I was secure in a relationship. What a crazy thought that was! So 40 years later…

The last 10 years I have sort of maintained my weight doing lowcarb/keto. I gave up all grains, fruits some veggies and all the processed foods. The past year I have been so unhappy with it. I got to a point of eating meat and a veggie nothing else. I actually gained weight. I have been miserable. Then I saw an ad on instagram scroll thru my feed. “Hey what is that?” I took a look and saw the words “intuitive eating”, “What the fuck is that?” I switch over to google and did a search. I was intrigued.

The next few days I did a lot of reading and searching. Then I did some thinking. It took a bit for me to let it all sink in. Then it hit me. I can be free! I don’t have to be on a diet. I can eat what I want, ( within my IBS list). The next day I started. It wasn’t easy. I have been reading labels for 20 years! Counting carbs, fats, calories. I had to let go of that. (I was the food police!)

Fast forward, It’s been a month and I do look at the labels, but not for the counts only the ingredients to make sure there is nothing in it that will give me a flare up. IBS pain is serious stuff. But I want to share something else. Last night, wait, first off I have been eating whatever I want and loving it. But last night was the first time I actually wanted to eat healthy!! I, my body, wanted a salad and veggies with my chicken salad on a low carb bagel and a slice of hubby’s flatbread. HAHAHA! I had absolutely enjoyed my dinner and with no guilt! I even had some pickled beets! Something I avoided because of all the sugar.

And another thing! I woke up Monday morning not thinking about having to start my diet over because I cheated on the weekend!(I had beer and pizza!) No GUILT! I love this! It has freed me from being a diet slave.

Canada Day

Canada Day has come and gone. Not a big deal to me. Sure I used to love to go party and drink beer. Now it’s just another day to me. I’m proud to be a Canadian. I am an immigrant from Brazil. Came here when I was 2 years old. I’m thankful to live here. I’m just not one of those that needs to celebrate.

Fireworks are pretty, but not necessary. So loud for all the animals. With how dry everything is there is a big chance of causing a fire. It’s bad enough that nature is burning up the province. I live in BC. The damage so far has been awful. The small village on Lytton is gone. Who knows what town will be next. I have friends and family all over the province and I hope that they will all be safe.

Tomorrow I get my second shot. Will be a relief to finally have it. I hope others are getting the vaccine too.