Popcorn Again

Hubs and I have been watching Big Brother since it started It’s something we started when we first dated. Same with Survivor. Anyways, We always make that popcorn night. THe last few years we watch the show and eat keto snacks. The new season of Big Brother started last night. We decided on popcorn. I was a bit iffy on having it after what happened last time.

I got the air popper out and made some. Added some salt and a bit of butter. I enjoyed it. I did have some bloating, otherwise I was good. I think I can safely say that air popped is the only way I can eat popcorn. Good, because I love popcorn.

I did have a few wine gums too. They were not as tasty as I had remembered. Maybe I need to buy a different brand? I also had some gluten free pretzels a few days ago. Oh my! How I have missed pretzels! Love the crunch and the salt. I went with gluten free because I wasn’t willing to have all that wheat flour. It’s a trigger for IBS.

I have noticed that my mood is better. I’m happier.

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