I decided to go through some of my clothes. at least 50% are too small. Not sure what to do with them. I keep thinking I will fit into them again once I lose 15 lbs. I will get there. When my body and mind connect and want to do it. For now I am putting them in storage. I’m not ready to part with them.

I guess I will have to get some clothes that fit. I need undies.. LOL

Don’t know if you noticed lately about sizes? Back in the 80’s the sizes were so different. I was a size 32 inch waist or a size 13. Yeah, like what is that? Now it’s suppose to be a size 12. If that is true then a size 8 shouldn’t fit me. I even have a size 6 jeans! Mostly I wear a 10. But when I measure my waist it’s a 34 inches around at the belly button. That would be a size 14.

I think what the difference is, is that jeans are now made with so much stretch you have to buy a smaller size. I tried to find 100% cotton denim jeans. Let me tell you that it wasn’t easy. I didn’t want heavy work jeans. Thin denim ends up being dress trousers. Not what I was looking for. I decided to look for Lee Riders, I loved those back in the old days. I found some! They have 5% spandex added to them. It was the closest I could find to 100% denim.  They are comfy, a bit heavy and I had to adjust the back waistline. Had a big gap. What size? 10. and they were a bit big. Now that I am not dieting, they fit perfectly….LOL

It’s the same with Bras.  I am size 36C, ha! not anymore! I just went up to a 38B. So nice when a bra fits. Next it’s undies. need a bigger size. My issues with panties is the cut. I never know what to get. I don’t like granny panties, way too high. Boyshorts end up riding my ass cheeks and I am forever picking at them, same goes for thongs and high cut. I end up with bikini style. But even those are not great. Maybe I need to go get fitted at a lingerie shop?

Anyways, I’m still working on it!


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