I am angry at myself for gaining weight. This is weighing heavy on my mind. I wont let it get to me. I am exercising 3 – 4 days a week. I will focus on getting my body in shape.  Building muscles. Also figuring out better meals.

Not going to be angry. Positive thoughts!

Not Happy

I’m not happy with the amount of weight I have gained. Yes I stepped on the scale again. I know they say dont do it, but I did. I am up 5 lbs. Now I have gained 20 lbs. I have decided that I need to stop intuitive eating. Basically I have been eating whatever I want. I now need to figure out how to eat without gaining more weight.

I wish I could afford a couch but I dont have that kind of money. Just to join a community forum group is 30 a month. Crazy! I will spend this week researching how to lose the weight without having to go on a diet.

I was so happy that my blood tests were so good since I quit dieting. But now I need to change it. I have hurt my lumbar muscles which makes it difficult to exercise. I am slowly starting with basic stretching. Go walking on the days when it isn’t raining. I will do this. I will lose 10 lbs by the end of March. That is my goal.