UPDATE – Feeling Good

I know I said I wouldn’t do it, but I did. I stepped on the scale this morning. I needed to see if I did gain more weight. I was pleasantly surprised that I stayed the same. It was also a relief. I was worried that I gained over the holidays. Now that I know I have been the same weight since October, I feel good.

My body has found the weight it wants to be at. That’s a good thing. Now I can focus on getting some type of movement into my days and switch up a bit of my foods. Most of my craving are gone. I did crave a cheeseburger from McD’s but I got on from Wendy’s instead. It was yummy and it took care of that craving. Sure I could eat burgers daily but I dont need to.

Yesterday I had an avocado for the first time in a bout 2 months. Oh it was tasty! I think slowly I will add back some foods that I haven’t had since I was doing keto. All those foods were no interest to me. Now I can see that I will eat some of them again. I have hardly wanted any meats or veggies Now I am starting to want them again.


I have been trying to decide what I can do for exercise. Something that I can enjoy doing. I am thinking weight lifting, Tai-chi, maybe yoga. Simple, easy on my body. I don’t need to be all sweaty and worn out.  I bought some resistance bands and am using those. 10 mins a day to start. I need to go slow since it’s been a while. I will add 10 mins more next week.

Changing up my foods too. Going to try to have more veggies. Not easy to do since they aggravate my IBS. So I really need to be careful and not over do it or eat the wrong veggies. Maybe a veggie soup? Need to find some easy soup recipes. Salad sounds yummy but only a few times a week or its to much veggie.

Christmas Baking

This will be the first time in about 12 years that I am baking like I did long ago. Way before all the fake ingredients started showing up on store shelves. I’m using real sugar, butter, corn syrup, white flour, brown sugar, marshmallows, etc.

I’ve have 2 days of baking and really enjoyed doing it. To go back to all those old recipes and recall the memories of baking with mom and with my kids. Its been good for the soul. I know I can eat all of it and enjoy it without the guilt.

I used to binge on all the Christmas goodies or I just wouldn’t have them in the house. So far, I have had a chocolate every couple days, a cookie a few times a week. I’m really not feeling that desperate need to eat what I see. I feel that I have some control. I know there will be foods that I haven’t had in a long time that I might want more of, but I feel that I can have less and not need to binge.

This season will be so relaxed. No dieting! No family dinner where health talk is a big topic. We have decided not to go the big family dinner. Only half the family is vaccinated. I have MCTD, so I am taking no risks of getting covid. We have the kids and Mom coming for Christmas Eve dinner.  Making home made pizza…yum! the rest of the holidays will just be hubby and me and the dog.

Finally , Set point

It’s finally happened. My weight has a set point. I am sitting at 170 lbs. To be honest, I dont like that number. Yes, I know I shouldn’t pay attention to the number. I just cant help it.  am staying off the scale as much as I can. I weigh in every 3 weeks. That’s way better than before when I was doing it daily.

So, lately I have been feeling my anxiety about food. I know that what I am eating isn’t very healthy. Too many fries and chicken strips, cookies and ice cream, plus flavoured popcorn and chips. I’m not binging, but I am having a difficult time saying no to it. The worst is all the wheat. I know I can’t eat wheat all the time but it is in everything! If I could just leave out the wheat I know I would feel better.

I am going to try to plan my meals this week. Well, at least dinners. Breakfast and lunch are more of grab whatever to eat.  I found some simple sheet pan recipes. I have a list of foods I need to buy. Will do that on Tuesday. I need to start eating healthier, not just quick frozen foods. I know hubby enjoys it, but I am in need of real food, veggies and fruits. I am actually missing my low carb meals.

I’ve been trying to get rid of some clutter in the home. I feel that if I get rid of stuff I would feel better. Being clean and organized is something that makes me happy.

Beer and Hotdogs

Saturday dinner was hotdogs. I haven’t had a hotdog in ages. I gobbled up 2 dogs and the buns! Had fries on the side. Plus 2 beers throughout the day. I didn’t feel guilty for any of it. But later in the evening I sure was bloated. Didn’t have IBS pain but my tummy felt like I had swallowed a beach ball. I think I just had too much. Next time one beer, one dog and a few fries.

Sunday we had chili. Yummy! Today has been good. I’m trying to get control of my portion size. I know I am pigging out. I need to cut back or I really will gain a lot of weight. Something I don’t want to have happen. I keep telling myself that it’s ok to eat what you want, but now you need to slow down and think before you shovel it down. Not easy to do after eating everything for the past month.

I’m a work in progress. I will get there. Positive vibes!

Popcorn Again

Hubs and I have been watching Big Brother since it started It’s something we started when we first dated. Same with Survivor. Anyways, We always make that popcorn night. THe last few years we watch the show and eat keto snacks. The new season of Big Brother started last night. We decided on popcorn. I was a bit iffy on having it after what happened last time.

I got the air popper out and made some. Added some salt and a bit of butter. I enjoyed it. I did have some bloating, otherwise I was good. I think I can safely say that air popped is the only way I can eat popcorn. Good, because I love popcorn.

I did have a few wine gums too. They were not as tasty as I had remembered. Maybe I need to buy a different brand? I also had some gluten free pretzels a few days ago. Oh my! How I have missed pretzels! Love the crunch and the salt. I went with gluten free because I wasn’t willing to have all that wheat flour. It’s a trigger for IBS.

I have noticed that my mood is better. I’m happier.

Pig Out

I am thinking I might be done with pigging out on food. I think! Not saying I’m sure about it. I am feeling more satisfied with food but my portions are still a bit large. I have figured out a few more foods that my body doesn’t like. Wine being one of them. My anxiety goes up when I drink wine. It makes me heart pound and I feel guilt for drinking it. Yeah I know it’s silly but that is how I feel.

I think I need to make a Yes and No food list. That way I can track what foods I should stay away from and what foods I enjoy.

It’s Father’s Day. My dad died in 2008. I miss him. It’s also my youngest son’s birthday today. I don’t get to see either one of them. My son lives too far away to visit. We can at least talk on the phone.

We are having a mini heatwave this week. 32c this afternoon. Lovely weather.


I thought I would try some different cereal. I made sure to get a low sugar healthy type. Since I watch out for wheat I thought corn should be ok. I can eat corn on the cob. Yeah, the cereal was a no go. My tummy bloated to beach ball size. I thought maybe it was the milk, but I have established that lactose free is fine with my tummy. I ate the cereal dry and I was right. I can’t eat it without feeling bloated and then 20 mins later it’s gas town! I will finish them off since I have a hard time throwing away food. Maybe I’ll use them in a recipe of some sort.

To be honest, they are not that tasty. It’s like chewing on cardboard.