I finally bought new jeans. I did make a mistake and shop with mom. I know I should shop alone when buying clothes. But its ok. This time I did buy what I liked. I usually buy second hand jeans at thrift shops or I will buy really cheap jeans from Old Navy or Costco.

I decided that it was time to buy better quality. I went to Mark’s and tried on a few different brands and landed on Silver jeans. So comfy. Plus they had a 34 inseam. I hate short jeans. I had a hard time saying yes to the jeans but then I saw 40% off and I did it. Still, 75.00 is way more than I normally pay. I try to stay under 30.00 whenever  I can. After that we stopped at Wearhouse One. I found jeans here too. These are a relaxed straight leg and a 35 inseam! I was thrilled. 30% off and I only spent 43.00.

I wore both jeans at home to see if I liked them. The Wearhouse jeans are really nice. I even went for a walk and loved that I didn’t have to pull them up in the back when I had to tie my shoe. They stayed put. I will be keeping them. The Silver jeans were a problem. I was feeling guilty over spending the money.  I wore them around the house and after the inner turmoil I finally pulled off the tags and said I am keeping them. Done.

I wont need new jeans for a long time. Now I just need some nice looking tops. Not just T-shirts. Think I will go to the Mall next week.

Underwear Shopping

I went shopping! It felt amazing! I haven’t enjoyed shopping in years, decades in fact! I went into a lingerie shop, took my time and bought new bras and panties. Expensive but it was worth it. I think I hated shopping for underwear because I always bought cheap stuff and the wrong size.

Seeing the size label was just as bad as the number on the scale. It was society telling me that I am fat. If the label was a Large it was still ok, but today I bought undies in aL, XL and XXL. I was a bit surprised but it sure made a difference on how they fit. I think it also depends on the fabrics and style.

I bought 3 thongs!! Hahaha! I can’t believe I bought them. The last time  wore a thong was in my 20’s. I hated them. So, I decided I will try again. I hope that I will like them. Guess I will find out.

I have come to a decision, I will not be buying cheap underwear ever again. No more walmart packs. Also I am not a one size fits all woman. I have all sorts of sizes. My jeans vary from a size 6 to a 14. Tops are M-XL. Dresses have stayed the same usually 10-12. But, again I am not a number!

I have put my scale away again. Been 4 days now that I haven’t weighed myself. It’s a hard habit to break. But I will break it, damnit!



I decided to go through some of my clothes. at least 50% are too small. Not sure what to do with them. I keep thinking I will fit into them again once I lose 15 lbs. I will get there. When my body and mind connect and want to do it. For now I am putting them in storage. I’m not ready to part with them.

I guess I will have to get some clothes that fit. I need undies.. LOL

Don’t know if you noticed lately about sizes? Back in the 80’s the sizes were so different. I was a size 32 inch waist or a size 13. Yeah, like what is that? Now it’s suppose to be a size 12. If that is true then a size 8 shouldn’t fit me. I even have a size 6 jeans! Mostly I wear a 10. But when I measure my waist it’s a 34 inches around at the belly button. That would be a size 14.

I think what the difference is, is that jeans are now made with so much stretch you have to buy a smaller size. I tried to find 100% cotton denim jeans. Let me tell you that it wasn’t easy. I didn’t want heavy work jeans. Thin denim ends up being dress trousers. Not what I was looking for. I decided to look for Lee Riders, I loved those back in the old days. I found some! They have 5% spandex added to them. It was the closest I could find to 100% denim.  They are comfy, a bit heavy and I had to adjust the back waistline. Had a big gap. What size? 10. and they were a bit big. Now that I am not dieting, they fit perfectly….LOL

It’s the same with Bras.  I am size 36C, ha! not anymore! I just went up to a 38B. So nice when a bra fits. Next it’s undies. need a bigger size. My issues with panties is the cut. I never know what to get. I don’t like granny panties, way too high. Boyshorts end up riding my ass cheeks and I am forever picking at them, same goes for thongs and high cut. I end up with bikini style. But even those are not great. Maybe I need to go get fitted at a lingerie shop?

Anyways, I’m still working on it!



today I decided to take Mom and go to the Mall. It’s the first time we have been out shopping since the pandemic started. It was so nice to do something normal again. It was different this time. Usually when I go shopping I get so frustrated and disappointed that I end up putting everything back on the rack. I feel that nothing looks good on me.

I told myself “Who the F**k cares! Buy what feels comfortable.” And that is what I did. Sure I had to buy a bigger size. I don’t care. IT WAS COMFORTABLE!  Don’t know why I have to wear tight clothes. Just so I can look like a sausage? Screw that! At my age who the hell is looking at me?!  As long as my clothes are clean and fit to my body, THAT is what matters.

Food intake has been minimal today. Still have my cheerios this morning! And a slice of homemade low carb bread with butter and jam. That’s right! JAM. And it was goooood. I wasn’t hungry at lunch so I had a Quest protein bar. Dinner? Hmmm havent decided what it will be. I’m kinda craving Bacon and eggs.

Oh yeah, I did spoil myself a bit. Bought some gold hoop earrings.