Christmas Baking

This will be the first time in about 12 years that I am baking like I did long ago. Way before all the fake ingredients started showing up on store shelves. I’m using real sugar, butter, corn syrup, white flour, brown sugar, marshmallows, etc.

I’ve have 2 days of baking and really enjoyed doing it. To go back to all those old recipes and recall the memories of baking with mom and with my kids. Its been good for the soul. I know I can eat all of it and enjoy it without the guilt.

I used to binge on all the Christmas goodies or I just wouldn’t have them in the house. So far, I have had a chocolate every couple days, a cookie a few times a week. I’m really not feeling that desperate need to eat what I see. I feel that I have some control. I know there will be foods that I haven’t had in a long time that I might want more of, but I feel that I can have less and not need to binge.

This season will be so relaxed. No dieting! No family dinner where health talk is a big topic. We have decided not to go the big family dinner. Only half the family is vaccinated. I have MCTD, so I am taking no risks of getting covid. We have the kids and Mom coming for Christmas Eve dinner.  Making home made pizza…yum! the rest of the holidays will just be hubby and me and the dog.