1 month

It’s been a month since I weighed myself. It’s been difficult. I put the scale in the bedroom closet. That way I don’t see it and don’t step on it. I know I should throw it out, but it was expensive and I know I will want to weigh myself from time to time.

I have got my cheerios eating under control. I have a bowl maybe 3 times a week. Yay for me! And I can have chips in the house and not feel the need to eat the whole bag as a meal.

I have started to make meals and snacks for a week at a time. I’m using up my low carb baking supplies. I don’t plan to ever need them again. I love carbs. I try to have a salad with my dinner. I get those salad mix packs. They are yummy. I keep chocolates and hard candy on the coffee table. I know I can have them when ever I want. My portion sizes are a hit and miss. Still working on that fullness cue.

I think this month I have come a long way. I have even made a huge decision about something that I have been waiting to do for 20 years. I feel I am at the right time in my life to fix a big mistake and erase a part of my past. It will be worth it ☺️.

Beer and Hotdogs

Saturday dinner was hotdogs. I haven’t had a hotdog in ages. I gobbled up 2 dogs and the buns! Had fries on the side. Plus 2 beers throughout the day. I didn’t feel guilty for any of it. But later in the evening I sure was bloated. Didn’t have IBS pain but my tummy felt like I had swallowed a beach ball. I think I just had too much. Next time one beer, one dog and a few fries.

Sunday we had chili. Yummy! Today has been good. I’m trying to get control of my portion size. I know I am pigging out. I need to cut back or I really will gain a lot of weight. Something I don’t want to have happen. I keep telling myself that it’s ok to eat what you want, but now you need to slow down and think before you shovel it down. Not easy to do after eating everything for the past month.

I’m a work in progress. I will get there. Positive vibes!

Intuitive Eating rules

OK, so here are a list of things to follow or at least try to follow. Nothing is written in stone.

  • Reject the Diet Mentality – this was hard to do, but worth it.
  • Honoring Your Hunger – eat when you want.
  • Make Peace with Food – it’s ok to have that chocolate cake.
  • Challenge the Food Police –  I don’t care about the food police.
  • Discover the Satisfaction Factor – enjoy what you are eating.
  • Feel Your Fullness – To do this, eat slower.
  • Cope with Your Emotions with Kindness – working on it.
  • Respect Your Body – also working on it.
  • Movement—Feel the Difference – started walking again and doing tai-chi
  • Honor Your Health—Gentle Nutrition – slowly learning what my body wants.


I have been dieting, watching my weight since I was 14. I’m 53, you do the math. In that time I have gone from 120 lbs to 200 and everywhere in between. The last 5 years I have been fluctuating between 150 and 165. I’m happy at 150 but it’s so difficult to stay there.

Two weeks ago I gave up my keto eating plan. I do enjoy all the meat and fat, but it’s just not working anymore. Everything was becoming boring and I had hit a dead end with finding new recipes that I enjoyed. I did a bit of research to see what I could change. I do need to watch some of the things I eat. I have IBS and am lactose intolerant and have a wheat allergy.  When looking at eating plans, most of them are low calorie, low fat or low carb. Then I found something about intuitive eating. I started reading about it. The more I read, the more I like the sound of it.

So, 2 weeks in and I am eating cheerios every day. Sometimes it’s breakfast, lunch and desert. hahaha! I know! Crazy right? I bought lactose free 2% milk and have been enjoying my cheerios. Damn tasty!!

I know that this journey is going to take some time. I know I will gain weight. I’m ok with this. I would rather gain a few pounds than to deprive my body of what it wants. Now, just to be clear, I am not going to go eating all those so-called bad foods. But I will indulge from time to time. You bet I will go to the pub and have that burger and beer. Or have a donut or two. It’s all a matter of knowing what the body wants and what it actually needs. I do know that ice cream is a killer for my tummy. I love it but I do not love running to the toilet an hour later. I am also a bread lover, it doesn’t love me. Talk about major bloat, gas and intestinal pain!

Intuitive eating means you listen to your body. Figure out what your body wants, what makes you happy. It will take time. I’m ok with that. I just want to stop dieting, thinking of food 24 hours a day and worrying about how much I weigh.

I am going to continue with this new path and see where it goes.