UPDATE – Feeling Good

I know I said I wouldn’t do it, but I did. I stepped on the scale this morning. I needed to see if I did gain more weight. I was pleasantly surprised that I stayed the same. It was also a relief. I was worried that I gained over the holidays. Now that I know I have been the same weight since October, I feel good.

My body has found the weight it wants to be at. That’s a good thing. Now I can focus on getting some type of movement into my days and switch up a bit of my foods. Most of my craving are gone. I did crave a cheeseburger from McD’s but I got on from Wendy’s instead. It was yummy and it took care of that craving. Sure I could eat burgers daily but I dont need to.

Yesterday I had an avocado for the first time in a bout 2 months. Oh it was tasty! I think slowly I will add back some foods that I haven’t had since I was doing keto. All those foods were no interest to me. Now I can see that I will eat some of them again. I have hardly wanted any meats or veggies Now I am starting to want them again.

So far – update

It’s been just over a month that I have giving up dieting. What has changed? Well, I am happier, relaxed and not so stressed about food. It’s been freeing. The first couple weeks I had to learn to stop reading the nutritional stats. That was tough. I was so used to looking at them no matter what it was and if there were no stats, I didn’t buy it. Now I only read ingredients, just to make sure there is no wheat flour.

My mom is worried I am going to gain lots of weight. I told her it’s ok if I gain a bit, but I won’t let myself gain too much. From when I started this, up until today I have only gained 3 lbs. Really not a big deal. Clothes are a bit tighter.

My digestive system has adjusted too. I can poop! LOL Before, when doing keto it was a chore. Hard small poops that caused pain and hemorrhoids. I thought it was because of my IBS. I was wrong! Change to eating everything and now I poop like a normal person. And the hemorrhoids are not screaming at me. Yes, they screamed at me. Seriously, it’s a “relief” to go to the bathroom and empty out and feel great. Been years since I felt good after a shit.

One side effect, my face looks like a greasy pizza. I don’t know what is going on! So much oil and pimples. It’s like I’m in my teens again. Not happy with it. I’m hoping it will clear up soon. Not going to stress about it. I know it’s part of the changes my body is going through.

I am taking regular vitamins. Some are for menopause. Damn hot flashes. Been 2 weeks since I had one. think that the Evening Primrose and Maca root are helping for that. The others are for various reason. I’ll do a separate post about the supplements I take.

Anything else… I just feel better, all over. 🙂